An Unexpected Find – Thelma Head Walk

We happened to randomly find this walk while visiting Garie beach. Both having sore legs that day, we were definitely not planning to do any hikes. It started off with this fairly easy track winding along the beach which then led us to Little Garie beach not to far away. It was a small beach with mostly rocks. What I found interesting here, were these small random houses scattered across the hill. I would happily live in one of these houses any day. The views were spectular.

We spotted a sign for Thelma Head walk. It didn’t seem too far away so we decided to check it thinking there might be good views at the top. However, once we started walking, we soon realized that it was quite a climb up the hill. Having sore legs, we hesitated going further but then persevered to the top. I am so glad we did as we got rewarded with breath taking views. It was one of the prettiest walks and lookout I have seen.

It’s definitely worth the walk if you are ever in the area. You can keep walking further along to more beaches from the Thelma Head. I look forward to exploring the rest of this coastal track in the near future.

Sometimes we in life, we need to preserve just a little bit more because you just don’t know what amazing experience awaits you around the corner.

Also, it’s when we least expect it, life gives us unexpected beauty. Have you ever come across amazing experiences or places when you least expected?

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