A Well-being Walk (Coogee, NSW)

One of my all-time favorite past times is hiking amongst beautiful nature, especially, near the ocean. So when my old mate, Rom and I made weekend plans to do the Clovelly to Maroubra walk (NSW), I was excited.

Rom and I used to do the Coogee to Bondi walk regularly. It was always a great therapy with long chats, ocean, sun and exercise all combined. Unfortunately, I had to put a hold on these walks once I started getting too nauseas and fatigued from pregnancy. Then life got in the way and we stopped doing these walks. I really missed it.

Now we are committed to resuming these walking catch-ups which is very uplifting for both of us. The walk we did last Saturday was wonderful. We had the great chat therapy while soaking in the ocean air and sunshine. It was a beautiful sunny day and the water sparkled in the sun with vibrant blue and green colors.

Initially, we had planned to do the new Maroubra walk however, we ran out of time. I really look forward to exploring the new walk in near future. It is meant to be less crowded and more peaceful which I prefer.

The water was beautiful that day. This is one of the beaches you come accross on that walk.

Unfortunately, that day I had forgotten my swimmers and I really really wanted to take a dip in the ocean. I was craving that refreshing feeling particularly on a hot day.

In the spirit of living life more freely and fearlessly (and getting more comfortable in my own skin), I decided I will swim in my undies instead. This was not an easy decision, not only because of my long-term insecurities with revealing clothes etc but I was also conscious of the fact that I had gorilla legs (not having shaven for months!). šŸ™‚

Though, as soon as I got in the water, I had no regrets. I was so glad I didn’t let my past hiccups stop me. The water felt great and I came out feeling invigorated and a little prouder of myself for facing my insecurities.

How often do you face such insecurities with body or self -image where you get bothered by what others may think of you? The reality is that most of the time, ‘others’ are too busy preoccupied with their own insecurities or just not focusing on you. Remind yourself of this next time you are having fears or insecurities of what others think of you.Ā  Every time you take that little step up and face that fear, you are getting that much braver and increasing your self-confidence. That’s priceless.

Once we finished the walk, we ended up having sushi train lunch. Both of us were craving that food so we were like little excited kids in wonderland as we sat down and watched the little plates rotate. I’ve only ever had sushi train once so it was still a novelty.

We ended up eating so much that it looked like we were training for ‘sumo’ competition :). The food was delicious and we certainly didn’t hold back. I tried everything I wanted including yummy black sesame seed ice cream desert. It was a satisfying end to an awesome day and most importantly my inner child went home very happy. šŸ™‚

I look forward to more of these joyful hiking dates.

Training for ‘sumo’ hehe

Spending time with a good friends whether over a coffee or doing things together that you both enjoy is very uplifting for the body, mind and soul. Life can get too hectic with daily chores and family responsibilities especially caring for young kids where we don’t do things that’s important for our total well-being.Ā 

We need balance in life which includes making time for social interactions that make us feel joyful and uplifted. When was the last time you had a date with a friend that really uplifted you and time just flew while you were having fun?



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