My Paradise

There are so many natural, beautiful landscapes in the world. The ocean and beaches are always closest to my heart as it has the most ‘healing’ effect on me. It is no surprise therefore that one of my personal ‘paradise’ is Jervis Bay, South Coast (NSW, Australia).

Australia being a big island, is full of picturesque beaches. The beaches at Jervis Bay would have to be one of the top beaches in the country, if not in the world. I am very grateful to have family living in Jervis Bay so we get to have our little escapes from the ‘rat race’ of Sydney to my ‘paradise’ as often as we can.

Unfortunately, over the years, it has become increasingly crowded during holiday season with popular beaches, car parks etc getting full. Thankfully, my husband, Luke grew up in Jervis Bay so we get explore pretty unreal beaches and landscapes that ‘tourists’ don’t know about (shusshhh!). We get to have our peace and quiet time in nature. Numerous trips have been made to Jervis Bay yet it never ceases to excite me every time.

The biggest dilemma I have visiting is finding enough time between trying to please myself (being outdoors in nature and having quality ME time) vs making the family happy (staying home with them). Truth is I’ve had some real conflicts because of this. Living so far away from the ocean (takes forever with Sydney traffic), I try to spend as much time near the ocean as I can when I’m there (a 10 min drive from home).

How often have you experienced such challenges involving making yourself happy (doing what you love, having ME time) vs making others happy?. How did you overcome them?.

Last long weekend was the first time in Jervis Bay, I felt like I have finally found the right balance between spending time out in nature – doing what I love and family time at home.

For starters, I got to see the sunrise over the ocean, something I always yearn to do yet it almost never happens. We did see the sun rise over the ocean once there (best we could in between running after our ‘wild’ toddler who just wanted to run into the ocean, yes she’s the real life Moana). This time however, it was unforgettable as I sat on the edge of a cliff (yes, with my fear of heights!!) overlooking the ocean with not a soul around. It was spectacular and surreal. A profound experience that I now use as visualization for my meditation classes.

I thought I had pretty much seen all the highlights of Jervis Bay there is to see until Luke took me to one of the places he had ‘forgotten’ about. He last visited it as a child. It turned out perfect for a good hike which is what I felt like doing that day. We left our toddler at home that day and had the luxury of being able to explore and relax more (what parents of all wild toddlers would find a luxury).

During our long hike, we came across a nice lookout overlooking ocean and cliffs where I got a chance to take a pretty cool pic (below). We didn’t get time to hike the entire circuit. Something to explore for next visit.

‘Sometimes we just have to lean on nature to rest while pushing through mountains’ – a thought that popped into my head when I tried to caption this pic. A thought born from my own experience.

One of the highlights of the hike was coming across this secluded breath-taking beach with only a handful of people around. It was peaceful and unspoiled which we really value and appreciate (living in a city of concrete jungle with lots of ‘noise’). Although the water was very cold, I couldn’t help taking a refreshing dip (getting braver these days). Seemed like I was the only one on the beach crazy enough to do so. It was well worth it 🙂

On the last day of the trip, keeping to my ritual, I took a long solo walk along this path that winds itself along the beaches with postcard views (pics below). Hence, its one of my favorite walks to do. I like to do this walk alone so I can practice ‘mindfulness’ and take in the sounds, smells and pretty damn amazing scenery of the beaches and ocean.

Views from my walk:

I ended my walk by swimming at my favorite beach (which has a very peaceful, spiritual vibe for me) with clear, vibrant water and views that can only be described as ‘heavenly’.

I also took some time to just sit at the beach and just BE. How often do we get to just BE especially surrounded by calming, peaceful nature?. I could have easily spent hours there just observing but had to head home for ‘family time’. Perhaps next time, I will book in a whole day there, after all, its my little ‘paradise’ . 🙂

What’s your personal ‘paradise’? How often do you get to visit it? How can you find more time to spend there and let it uplift your soul?




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