Looking for the ‘Silver Lining’

I took a nice long walk in nature today to calm my agitated mind. Hearing stories about recent tragedies faced by others, put me in a worrying and anxious state.

Taking a long walk in nature particularly on a nice sunny day always gives me the greatest peace. So I did just that.

As I walked with mindfulness, I looked up at the passing clouds. Something I do often these days when I’m feeling overwelmed inside. I find it uplifting and soothing. It reminds me that there is a greater power at play that’s looking after all of us including nature.

The clouds glowed from the sun’s rays behind it (I took a pic below). It reminded me of the saying ‘Every cloud has a silver lining’ which means every difficult or unpleasant situation has a positive side to it. The clouds really did look like it was lined with shining silver.


In life, I’ve always practiced the silver lining philosophy even during the greatest of adversities as I do believe there is a truth to it.

Plus, what good does it do to continuously stress or worry. Looking at the brighter side helps us to manage the situation better.

After all, the sun is still there shining it’s bright light behind the clouds. (I have a real connection to the sun after my recent life experience which I’ll write about in another blog).  The sun is just momentarily blocked by the clouds.

As with everything in life, the bad times like the clouds will pass and there will be better days ahead.

At times, we face big storms. We just have to hang in there as they too will pass.

Just like nature doesn’t give us sunny days everyday, we go through the bad times in life but the sun always shines again sooner and later so let’s remind us to not get discouraged and have faith that better days will come.

I walked home feeling uplifted in spirits and calmer in my mind after my ‘nature therapy’ – sun, clouds and all.



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