Autumn Colours

Before I start writing many many blogs on one of my favorite countries, New Zealand (I’ve just returned from there with interesting adventures and photos), I want to write bit about Autumn colours as Autumn has just passed by.

The vibrant colours captured during my previous trip to NZ

I am a sucker for Autumn colours. The bright reds, orange, yellow, maroons, I just can’t get enough of them. Unfortunately, I missed seeing the full bloom autumn colours here at home as well as in New Zealand. I missed it altogether this year. However, on a positive note, I have bookmarked places best to see the bright colours for next autumn.

IMG_3833 (1)
Took this pic last weekend of one of the very few remaining trees with colours. Looking magical under the sunlight.

I have been lucky enough to catch an odd tree here and there (late in blooming) with the vibrant colours that captivate me here in Sydney and also during my trip to New Zealand (pictures below). The colourful leaves are most eye-catching when enhanced by the glow of the sun.

What are your favourite season? what do you love about that season?




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