Enjoying the Destination


I love hiking mountains. The fresh air, being amongst nature, the effort and sweat involved in hiking upwards all uplifts my mind, body and soul. Not to forget the feeling you get when you experience the incredible views at the top.


Though, for me, most of my time is spent hiking up and down and not enough just relaxing and taking it all in when I do reach the top.


I have spent too many hours in my holidays getting to and from the destination. And when I get to the destination, I almost always get too busy taking photos and before you know it, it’s time to leave.


The journey is important but being fully present, just being and enjoying the moment once you reach the destination that you have worked so hard for, without rushing off to the next thing, is also important.

From now on, I’m going to take my sweet time, breath and be fully present to what awaits me at the top of the mountain or any destination without the pressure of time.


Have you had similar experiences where you wish you could have taken your time and been more present to the moment?

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