The Great Lakes, NSW

Earlier this year, we headed north for the long weekend getaway. We thought to do something different. Instead of heading south as we usually do, we decided to explore new areas in the opposite direction.


It was going to be a 3 night camping trip. I found a quite little camp ground which had a big huge lake as a backyard on one side and the ocean across the road. It was prefect.

The lake itself was one of the highlights. It was shallow for most part hence was perfect for our little water baby. The water was clear and warm. We all really enjoyed swimming there. It was very relaxing. We even saw fish randomly jumping out of the water much to our toddler’s delight.


We also explored local areas mainly surrounding beaches. We took the golden opportunity to drive our 4WD along the beaches which is a no-no where we live. Driving along beaches is an awesome experience. We found the beaches there isolated and very beautiful.


We also explored Forster. A place I have long wanted to visit and will have to go back to and spend more time.  The downside of the trip was the lack of time. Also, it’s also worth calling out that the particular time of the year meant lots of mossies!!. We were bitten all over so make sure you have lots of mossie repellent.

I loved this cup of coffee from a small mobile cafe for its biodegradable cup and the art work.

We visited a lighthouse located up a hill with great views of the ocean. I even saw a bright blue butterfly which I never see. A personal highlight for me 🙂

The ocean beach that was next to our camp site was pretty special for me. There was not a soul in sight when I visited it. To me, there was something about this beach. It was wild, raw, fierce (maybe that’s why we were warned earlier not to swim there) and very fascinating at the same time. I found sitting on that beach and observing the ocean to be a surreal, spiritual experience. The scenery itself looked like a beautiful painting.

The Great Lakes area as you can guess from the name has many lakes and I would say overall it is worth a visit.


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