Place of Pine Trees

I love pine trees. I am drawn to parts of the world with landscape made of pine trees, lakes and mountains.

New Zealand has its share of picturesque  pine trees which adds to the already beautiful landscape. Hence, I was quite disappointed to hear during my last trip that the pine trees were a nuisance there – not good for the environment and being gotten rid of.

Nevertheless, I went onto admire these beautiful trees, taking many amazing photos in the mist and frost which I will cherish forever.

One of my favorite photos from the trip

I took the above photo during the mist and frost in my last trip (I was in awe of what surrounded me) and it has become one of my favourite photos. I’ve even framed it.

It’s simple photo (unedited) but I rarely get to takes photos like this not having the right landscape or weather where I live. I would love to take more photos of nature in misty, frost and snow.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAlthough, where I live has its own natural beauty once you drive out far enough with amazing beaches etc, I still long for landscapes with tall mountains, beautiful lakes and surreal sceneries from mist, frost and snow.

What type of natural landscape captivate you?


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