Multiculturalism of Sydney

We are always longing to escape the city life of Sydney and live in a country with mountains, lakes, fresh air and without the hustle and bustle.

However, one must also appreciate what they do have. Sydney has its good points. One being so multicultural.

Last night I had this Afghan meal so authentic that I felt being transported to Afghanistan as we sat eating outside and surrounded by only Afghans.


Even walking through streets to get to this restaurant felt like being overseas in an exotic country as we passed shops full exotic things. Even the aroma in the air was like walking the streets of  Middle East or Persia.

I miss my travels to exotic countries however I don’t need to go far from home to have that experience.

I love and really appreciate the multiculturalism of Sydney especially being able to eat cuisine from all around the world.

Lately, I have been really craving Greek food. We have an amazing Greek restaurant in mind for our next outing. Not only eating authentic Greek food but we also get to dance to live Greek music with a restaurant full of Greeks. I had a fun time doing some Greek dances with the owner last time I was there.

That night, for a brief moment,  I felt like I was dancing away in some restaurant in Greece.


  • Afghanistani food – Kabul House, Merrylands, NSW
  • Greek food  – Tavernaki, Leichhardt, NSW.




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