Vaucluse to Watson’s Bay (Sydney Walks)


It was a cold but sunny winter’s day in Sydney yesteday. My good mate and I ventured out for our scenic walk catchup that we do every few weeks.

Since it was a beautiful day with lots of sunshine, we chose a walk along the sea with nice views. We hadn’t done this walk in years so we were looking forward to it.


One of the driving factors for me was to have fish and chips at the famous Doyle along the way. Having had fond memories of the food.

As we walked along the path, we admired the gorgeous views of the harbour and Sydney skyline. I also got to walk barefoot across small, pretty beaches lining the walk.

We enjoyed chatting about our latest dilemmas, news on Meghan Markle (our current topic of interest hehe) including having good hearty laughs.

Once we got to Doyle’s, a seafood cafe on the beachside, we decided to have the BBQ, chips, salad pack (which we never tried before). It was delicious!!! One of the best I’ve had. I would highly recommend it especially to those wanting a healthier option (except for the chips which I myself have no regrets about:)).


With a full stomach and a lighter heart we happily marched back to the car and headed home both feeling thoroughly elavated.





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