Sand Dune Struggle

If there is one thing my hubby, brother, toddler and I share, it would be our thirst for adventure as well as the love of outdoors.

Since it ticked both the adventure and being outdoors boxes, we visited the sand dunes by the sea yesteday. Even though it took nearly 6 hours of travel time, it was worth it. The four of us had an awesome time.

First, we enjoyed 4wdriving across the long beach and sand dunes. I had my window down the entire time so I could take in the fresh sea breeze and the picturesque ocean views. The next best thing to walking barefoot on a secluded beach is 4wdriving on it. 🙂


We ended the day by having late lunch on a high sand dune overlooking the great ocean on one side and massive sand dunes on the other.


As we relaxed and enjoyed the blissful views, my brother suddenly spotted a bunch of dolphins riding the waves. It was amazing. We had never seen that before.

Just as I thought, the day can’t get better, I spotted a whale splashing around close to the beach with its two fins going up and down as if dancing and waving to us. It was unreal. We had never seen that before either.

It was exactly what I needed, to see the magic of nature at play. To take me away from my thoughts of a very daunting week ahead. It felt like the dolphins and whale appeared as a reassurance for me. A reminder to trust and that I’ll be ok.

It was a great day overall with unique highlights.  The reason however, I wanted to write this blog, was to share a thought I had as I looked back fondly on yesterday’s trip.

One of the highlights on the day was climbing a steep (almost vertical) sand dune. My brother and hubby climbed the sand dune with some effort but they got up there. When I tried, I just couldn’t do it.

It was disappointing given I have been feeling fairly fit lately. It bugged me as my brother and hubby went up and down the steep sand dune many times.

I decided to give it another shot. Though, just like before, I tried hard but I didn’t seem to move at all while the sand came down like waterfall around me.

I was about to give up when my brother called out to “keep going, you are moving!!”. I looked up to my total bewilderment to see that I was actually moving forward (closer to the top) even though it felt like I was just sinking in the sand and going backwards.

It made me think about life and our struggles. How many times do we feel like we are trying so hard to move forward yet it seems like we are not going anywhere or worse, going backwards?


Yet in reality we ARE moving forward but from where we are standing, it doesn’t seem that way. When we see things from a greater perspective, we see that we are making progress.

Sometimes, it takes an outsiders view or encouragement to get a better perspective of yourself.

This has been my experience on my healing journey. I will keep this sand dune analogy in mind for future.


Next time, when we feel like we are getting nowhere with our struggles despite all our effort, just know that none of it is being wasted. We are moving forward. We just have to keep going, and trust that we will get there eventually.

It also worth noting that had I given up the first time, I wouldn’t have succeeded at the end and felt a lot better for it. Don’t give up on your struggles.




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