Love of Greek Food

Being a foodie, I really appreciate good food. I’m more than willing to try as much of the local cuisine as I can when I am travelling overseas.

One of my favourite cuisine from around the world is greek food. I have been missing Greece lately including the delicious food I had last time I was there.


I recently wrote a blog on Multiculturalism of Sydney, this blog you can say is a continuation of that. I decided that if I can’t fly out to Greece tomorrow, I’ll seek to have a similar experience right here in Sydney.

So last night, I went to this amazing gem of a Greek restaurant I had recently discovered. The food, atmosphere and service was extraordinary last time I was there and this time, it was just as good.


The food is so authentic that one bite transports me back to Greece. Having said that, it was even more delicious than food I had in Greece which was pretty hard to beat.


The live Greek music also made me feel like I was in Greece. The restaurant itself is decorated in a way it resembles a very traditional Greek home which also added to the feel of being in Greece. It had positive messages throughout the walls which made me smile.


This restaurant in my opinion does not need any promotion as it’s always jam packed. And mostly with customers with Greek background which to me shows how authentic and homely the food is.


Greeks in my experience are quite friendly. The service staff particularly the owner treated us so well that I felt like a VIP. How often does an owner of a restaurant shakes your hand and wish you well when you leave?

We left the place with a stomach so full I felt like I had to be carried out. We all thoroughly enjoyed everything. My brother whose been to Greece was really impressed. My toddler who ate well for a change very much enjoyed dancing to the live Greek music.


I know where I will be heading when I start to miss Greece again especially the food.

Like I said before, you don’t always have to spend a lot of money to travel to another country to have a rich cultural experience, sometimes you can have it right in your home town.


What country and it’s cultural experience has left you longing to have that experience again? Can you find that in your home town?


My Greek restaurant recommendation:

Sydney – Tavernaki, Leichhardt.

p.s – we ordered the $55 banquet which has everything (shown in pics). Although we tend to spend less when we dine out, it was worth every penny.






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