The Sun God

It has been a while since I last wrote my blog. My time has been consumed by my demanding toddler, daily chores and preparing (countless hours) for my bucket list trip (lots of inspiration for my future blogs) – yay!!!

I have been wanting to write this blog for a long time. Better now then never while my toddler sleeps!.

Being born into the Hindu religion, we literally have 1000s of Gods and Goddesses. I myself am not religious but believe in spirituality. Now, there is definitely a Sun God in Hinduism.  It also has existed and still exists in many cultures around the world including the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, South Americans etc. I researched this after having my own very spiritual experience with the sun.

I have always enjoyed the sunshine. It brightens my mood like nothing else. We all know it has proven health benefits. Let’s face it, life on this planet relies on the Sun to survive including us humans.

For me, the sun became god-like during my life changing journey last year. After going throughout traumatic surgeries (life threatening illness diagnosis), I had a lot of healing to do psychically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

It was the sun that gave me the most comfort especially when I felt extremely anxious and fearful (and still do). Just going for a walk in the sun (in nature) made me feel better on all levels. It really helped me to heal.

I started to feel a connection I had never felt before. Looking at the sun took a whole different meaning for me. The bright golden shining light felt and still feels like God’s energy, love and healing energy. I could see why so many cultures going back eternity worship the sun as their God.

The sun provides all life species on this planet its energy. It does not discriminate. It does not block its energy for example from murderers or criminals. Every human, every life on this earth gets the same sunlight and energy. That is unconditional love.

To me, that is real God. The one that unconditionally looks after everyone and every life. All you have to do is look at the sun and you will see its magnificence – the brightest of all lights, shining, glowing and smiling. As I was writing this, I remembered cartoon pics of the sun with the smiling face on it. There is a reason why they draw a smiling face in the sun. 🙂

Not to forget, one of the best beauties that nature provides us with is sunsets and sunrises. I feel god when I watch a sunrise and sunset. These days, I do my meditation facing the sun and it feels amazing!.

Have ever experienced a spiritual connection with the sun? Have you ever found it healing?. Next time you feel down, depressed or anxious – try going for a walk in the sun.

P.S – How cool is the reflection of the sun on the ocean? – the millions of diamond-like little sparkles in the water. Notice how next time you walk along the beach and watch these sparkles, that they actually follow you!! :). Strangely, that comforted me when I felt at my lowest.





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