Confidence from Within

I watched the movie ‘I feel Pretty’ on the plane back home. Found it to be a great movie to remind us where true self-confidence comes from.

Though I’ve been called ‘Hot’, ‘smart’ etc (going back high school days), I’ve had self confidence issues most of my life. Whether it be how I look, not feeling good or smart enough, not being loud enough and so on, I’ve had them all. Often wishing I was as confident as someone else around me. 😒

I believe most of us have had some sort of insecurities especially about how we look.

It’s only recently that I’m learning to embrace all of me…my flaws, looks (including my flabs, my increasing grey hairs…), my fears, my feelings – good and bad…the whole package 😊.

Self confidence really does come from within. It doesn’t matter what you look like, how smart you are, what material things you have….It’s KNOWING (quietly within) that you are perfect just the way you are. That you are unique. Not better or less than anyone else but a reflection of God just like everyone else.

So embrace yourself today just the way you are. There is no-one else like you 👏😊😘

P.s – when you are travelling solo, there is a lot time to reflect on yourself as I’m doing below during my big solo adventure.


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