Interesting Finds (Blue Mountains, NSW)

Yesterday we set out to have breakfast at our favourite cafe. However we changed our minds last minute as both of us wanted to be in nature rather than the hustle and bustle of the city.

We had a stressful night hence needed to unwind and uplift ourselves by being in nature – somewhere peaceful and quiet.


We changed direction and headed to Blue Mountains. Unfortunately, it turned out to be one of those mornings where nothing seems to go right.

When we got there, the Cafe we usually eat at had finished serving breakfast. Frustration crept in. We were starving. The little one needed nappy change and we were running out of time with parking. We checked out other cafes but none of the cafes were offering breakfast.  We then had to rush to move the car to avoid a fine.

We found ourselves getting crankier with the chain of events compounded by the lack of sleep the night before. It didn’t help our level of patience as we drove around around in circles trying to find a parking space.

I then decided to mentally surrender and just go with the flow. We can’t always choose what happens to us but we can choose how we react to it. Besides at the end of the day these were ‘small stuff’. 

Often, we create our own suffering by being attached to certain outcomes or needing things to go our own way.

In my case, I HAD to have breakfast whereas I could have settled for a lunch menu and filled the hunger. I could have been more flexible. After all, it was nearly lunchtime!.

Not soon after, things started to turn around. We found a good parking spot with long hours so we didn’t face the time pressure again.

And right next to car park we found a cafe that looked quiet interesting with all day breakfast!! Yay!!.

To top of it off, my quick google research revealed it’s rated no 1 for breakfast in that town! Things were looking good :).


The reviews are not wrong. It was an awesome place for breakfast. Very nice atmosphere (surrounded by gardens etc), great service and of course the food was pretty great. Even coffee was good! And we love our coffees. 🙂


Even Luke, the tough food critic was very happy with it. The only downside was that we got too greedy and ended up spending twice as much as usual. The prices overall were reasonable.

I guess it all turned out for the best. Had the other Cafe had breakfast, we would not have discovered this little gem (far better than the other place). Had the parking not expired, we would not have parked at this car park were we found the this Cafe.

Sometimes in life, it feels like everything is going wrong, but the universe in fact might be preparing to give you something even better. 🙂

After breakfast we set on a long drive to Janolan caves. The drive was very picturesque with hills and interesting trees. I quite enjoyed it except the part where we drove along windy, narrow cliffy roads! My fear of heights kicked in to the max!.

Once we got the our destination, I came across this amazing blue lake. Excitement kicked in. Yes I have a real soft spot for vibrant blue waters (and any other unusual colours – pink lake is on my list too).


We decided to do the nature walk that runs alongside it. It was a really nice walk along the lake and waterfalls.

All was going well until our little one had her first hiking incident. She fell into bushes (could have been a lot worse) and got skin irritation all over body from a thorny weed. We had to cut the walk short. (Good idea to have little ones in a harness or hold their hands on this walk especially if you have a wild toddler like us :)).

Nevertheless, we thoroughly enjoyed the walk and Sienna got to do lots of exploring in nature (getting a little too close to comfort).


Overall it turned out to be a great day out for all three of us. Exactly what we needed to relax and rejuvenate.

It did take us 3 hours to come back home due to really bad traffic (extra challenging with a bored toddler onboard). As tired as we were from the extra long drive, the trip was well worth it.



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