Embracing Getting Older

For the longest time, I remember being negative about aging. I recall how my friends and I used to complain about getting older each birthday.

The negativity around aging was fueled by the fact that I wasn’t married especially after turning 35. There were fears about not being able to have kids with passing age.

I love taking portraits shots of aged locals around the world.

Too many years were spent being down about being single (thanks to cultural pressures) and anxious about potentially not being able to have kids. I also made the big mistake of comparing with others who seemed to have it all.

Years later, I did get married. I also have the most amazing little girl and it has all been worth the wait. I wouldn’t change a thing.

I do wish I hadn’t worried all those years and just relaxed more and trusted that things will work out for the best when the time was right. I wish I knew then that what I did end up doing back then – traveling the world etc, make the most of life, was the best thing for me at that time. And that being married and having kids wasn’t the measure of success or happiness.

With age and life experiences, I’ve grown a lot since those years. I’ve learnt a lot about life and myself.

After my life changing experience last year, I look at aging differently. I took aging for granted.  Now I appreciate and cherish getting older. Not everyone gets the chance to live long.


Now when I look at older people. I think they are so lucky to live that long. Ageing I realise now is a previlage.

As I approach my 40th birthday (tomorrow 😊), I am full of gratefulness to have lived this long as some people don’t even make it this far.

Let’s embrace the wrinkles, grey hairs, wisdom and all. Let’s welcome aging.

I look forward to my birthday and (god willing) future birthdays. A mate recently had a birthday month of celebrations. I plan to celebrate every day as my birthday for the rest of my life. 😊

Stepping into my 4Os with gratefulness, confidence and faith.






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